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Day 63 The end is in sight

Day 63 The end is in sight

So after leaving my cable jumper for few days whilst I debated what do about the quickly depleting yarn, I bit the bullet and decided that I could afford to pull the body back by one pattern repeat and it would still be an ok length.  This is another one of the things I love … Continue reading

Day 46 One sleeve completed

Whilst I’ve been yarning away each day I’ve also been carrying on with my chunky cable sweater that I started on Day 33.  And at last I have finished the 1st sleeve up to the underarm – so it’s now sitting on a shiny yarn holder waiting to be added to the body some day … Continue reading

Day 45 Hmmmm!

Not a productive day!  I had a meeting in London in the afternoon so decided to try my next square from the cable book but I only had a photo of the instructions on my iphone and on line 2 I realised I didn’t know how to purl tbl!  I kept trying what I thought … Continue reading

Days 43 & 44 Swatches on the train

My weekly commute up to Leicester often gives me train time to work on some yarn-ing.  This week I had my cable pattern book and a stash of yarns and decided to learn some new stitches.  On the way up I tried a woven twist stitch which was quite straightforward and I was pleased with … Continue reading

Day 35 Herringbone

I’m away from home after tonight until Sunday and so I’ve had to plan ahead for the next few days.  And I’ve even tried to be practical too! Most unlike me. I have figured that the best thing is going to be to practise or learn some new stitches and experiment with how they change … Continue reading

Day 34 small progress

My word – the pattern I am following for my cable sweater is rubbish – I hope somehow this message gets back to Wenlan Chia!!  The pattern is to be knitted on circular needles and yet the cable pattern is given for flat knitting and you have to translate it all – how stupid is … Continue reading