Project ideas

Ok so I’ve realised pretty quickly that I am going to struggle with doing this every single day unless I am a well prepared with some “easy” ideas for the days when I don’t have time to think about things much.

So here is my starting list of things I know I want to try including some bits that should be quicker than others as I know on some days I will only be able to dedicate an hour or so.  Hopefully I will be clever enough to figure out how to link the items to the blog on the day I manage something from the list – but who knows?!

  • Tunisian crochet – this is cheating a little as I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this at shop I have booked at Unravel this Sunday but hey, my blog, my rules!!
  • A new cable pattern swatch
  • Patchwork draught excluder
  • Jam jar covers (c&e crochet)
  • Example of hexagonal patchwork knitting (from knitting fashion)
  • A muppet! Now which one would be best?
  • A crochet granny square
  • Polka dot baby hat/blanket (alter-knits)
  • Knitted or crochet bunting (crochet in c&e crochet)
  • Baby bootees
  • Tea cosy
  • A knitted christmas bauble or two (but not at Christmas!)
  • Baby zebra (Odhams knitting encyclopaedia) or a Lion??
  • Bed socks (in a day??)
  • An old stitch/pattern in a non-trad yarn (twine, rope, ribbon, torn t-shirt etc.)
  • Knit a pocket and add to an existing garment
  • Herringbone cuff (alter-knits)
  • Knitted angel for xmas tree (Homemade)
  • Oooh just seen some cute-as crochet babushkas! (c&e crochet)
  • An edging trim for something that already exists
  • Mug warmers
  • Purse (c&e crochet)
  • Design a new cross-stitch pattern
  • Pom-pom (for an easy day!)
  • Xmas stocking
  • Fabric and yarn mix cushion covers
  • Mittens
  • A mini garment
  • Punchcard machine swatch

So that’s a few to get me started – so what to pick 1st?  Please feel free to send me any suggestions too!


3 thoughts on “Project ideas

  1. hiya nic just wondering if you knew of a good funky wool to use to knit a baby blanket? want something colourful but machine washable and safe for a newborn 🙂 xxxx

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