Days 77 – 90 Running to catch up!

Erm – oh my gosh – how did I get into this pickle.  I know I haven’t posted for a little while and I had a little catching up to do but somehow it appears to now be almost 2 weeks worth!  Eeeekk!  I have to say that one of the hardest parts of this challenge is actually keeping on top of the updates aside from all the yarn activity.  Note to self : must get more organised on this front!  Haven’t I said that before??  So in order to be able to draw a line under my lack of discipline I am going to give you a whistle stop tour of the last 2 weeks which have seen progress and failure …Day 77 Starting the circular knitting on my mittens

On the train again!

Day 78 Continuing with mittens on the train (yet again!)

Day 79 Completing the knitted back for my vintage cushions

Ready to complete

Day 80 Making up Vintage Cushions – yay they look lovely – just as I pictured them!!

Looking good!


Day 81 Completed Mitten # 1

Mitten # 1

Day 82 Trip to vintage festival at Farnham Maltings and started Mitten # 2

Mitten # 2

Day 83 Starting next mitten whilst watching Blackburn get relegated (double yay!!!)

Bye Bye Blackburn!!!

Day 84 Craft Council event about starting your own craft practice (!!) and more mittens

Day 85 Workshop on self employment and leaving do at work and No Yarn involved – FAILURE

Day 86 More mittens

Day 87 Mittens completed!!

That’s a pair!

Day 88 Pub crawl in Farnham with No Yarn involved – FAILURE AGAIN!

Day 89 Completing chunky cable jumper at long last – HOORAH!!!!  Although I’m unhappy with the sleeves.  teh body fits perfcetly and I ran out of yarn halfway through the neck trim so it’s a bit narrower than planned but I actually prefer it this way.  BUT the sleeves are way too big/loose and I am guessing this is where I used up all the extra yarn so I am still contemplating pulling this back and re-working the sleeves. TBC.  This might actually deserve a separate post I think.  Watch this space.

Needs correcting…

Day 90 Picking up an old WIP whichI think might deserve a separate blog also.



Phew – so actually I haven’t been totally lazy and it is quite interesting when it’s laid out this way to see how much I did complete in less than 2 weeks.  But I really do need to get a grip.  I’m struggling with this project and keeping up alongside all the normal events of day to day life and I might take this week to re-evaluate somewhat.


One thought on “Days 77 – 90 Running to catch up!

  1. You certainly are a busy woman! I really like the vintage cushions. I have thought about knitting lace pillow covers … no I may just do that. Thanks for the encouragement!

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