Day 74 & 75 Sunshine in Burnley?

Anybody who has ever visited Burnley will have been intrigued by this post title – as they will know that this is a rare occurrence!!  Horizontal rain is far more par for the course in this little corner of the country.  And actually Day 74 wasn’t very different – rain, a bit of sleet, biting winds.  Could it really be the last day of the football season – surely not??  So I added my own little sunshine by starting on the 2nd cushion cover in the sunshine yellow yarn whilst on the train journey there …

Making my own sunshine!

Blurred from the speed of the train – not the speed of the knitting!

And I love the way the colour of the knitting matches to colour of my Sainsbury’s shopping bag!!

Taking up half of the train as usual!


All completed on Day 75.  Now just to get it home to attach it to it’s vintage fabric other half along with her green brother …

Sunshine in a yarn!


Partners in crime.


5 thoughts on “Day 74 & 75 Sunshine in Burnley?

  1. I love the phrase “making my own sunshine.” I saw that when I lived in Norway – a lot of lace curtains letting in every possible beam of light and little pots containing brightly colored flowers!

  2. Nic, you make sunshine wherever you go 😉 I have a couple of sofa cushions on my needles as we speak. Man, they are taking a long time and a LOT of yarn. Maybe I’ll adopt your idea and put a vintage fabric back on them. Let me know how you manage to sew them together, ok?

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