Day 73 Blanks!

Uh-oh – a big fat failure I’m afraid.  I don’t have a single photo of anything with yarn that I can show you on here … it was a stressful day.  My current job finishes at the end of this month and I’m in the process of deciding what to do next.  The previous evening I had learnt I had two interviews arranged for the following Monday and Tuesday and only had Day 73 to pull my portfolio together in preparation before heading Up North for the weekend.  So in my mind it was a perfectly valid reason.  The only point I could have physically been able to make anything would have been the two hours I was a passenger in the car and last time I tried that it made me feel very sick.  So sorry folks, another day missed.  But I did put together boards for my portfolio that had knitwear designs on them – can I get away with that one?!  Nah, I guess not!  Here is one of the boards for my portfolio as a token instead!!

AW12 mood board


4 thoughts on “Day 73 Blanks!

  1. a page of inspirations and lovely pictures is totally legit! good luck in the interviews – how exciting! xo

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