Day 71 Spreading love on the train!

Yet again I seem to be on a train journey and squeezing in a new project.  Day 71 was the regular commute up to Leicester and I wanted something simple.  Part of my previous planning had thrown up some knitted stuffed hearts from ravelry.  Search for “Little Hearts” if you want to find the pattern too.  This seemed very similar in technique to my hexapuffs so I was quietly confident on this one.  And for once everything went according to plan.


Heart completed.


One heart all completed before the train pulled into Leicester.

And I decided to leave a little memento of love for some fellow passenger.  It makes me smile to think that somebody getting onto the train later that day will find the pink heart and it will cheer their day – a kind of yarn bomb hug of sorts!  Travelling on public transport in the UK can be quite soul destroying sometimes – believe me I know!  Maybe this will bring a smile to somebody.  I certainly hope so!!


I wonder where my heart ended up?


4 thoughts on “Day 71 Spreading love on the train!

  1. Oh my goodness I love that heart. Any chance you can share the pattern or tell me where you got it 🙂
    What a lovely thought to leave it as a special treat for a fellow travellor.

    By the way your train ride knitting is making me itch to take a long country train ride wiht my needles.

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