Day 70 The cable sweater – the end is in sight! Advice needed please.

All beginning to take shape!

I am really so close to finishing this project – I can almost smell it!!!  And yet the closer I get to the end the slower it seems to get.  My main problem being (yet again!) that I am desperately close to running out of yarn.  I have already pulled back one pattern repeat on the body to save a bit there and on Day 70 I completed most of the raglan armhole shaping.  This was quite complex trying to remember the pattern repeat and work in the decreases in the correct place at the same time.

My interpretation of the raglan shaping!

In theory I still have a couple more decrease rows to go but I’m getting worried that the yarn left won’t cover that as well as the 7 rows of rib for the neckline.  Here is all the yarn I have left?  So do I now go straight into the rib and hope it’s enough – or try 2 more rows to decrease the stitches and then see what I have left?

The final option is to order one for skein of yarn so that I comfortable have enough and I can relax a bit about this.  But that would be an extra £9, a time delay and the possibility that the shade difference will look odd.

What should I do next???


3 thoughts on “Day 70 The cable sweater – the end is in sight! Advice needed please.

  1. Let’s see . . . In regards to the running out of yarn, when you’re this close to the end, you’ve got very few options.
    A.Have you considered the possiblity of contrasting ribbing? If that really bothers you then you could take out the edging on the rest of it so that way all the edges would match.
    B. Get out the scissors, and proceed to chop the thing into little little pieces and jump up and down on them while shouting swear words at the top of your lungs. (The downside to this plan
    is that you have to waste knitting time pretending that you don’t know what sweater people are talking about.)

    • Hiya – yes I had thought about a contrast rib but think that it might bug me every time I look at the sweater. I’ve got next weekend ear-marked to finish it all so will have to decide soon! Thanks for the suggestion x

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