Day 69 WIP vintage cushion covers

I am a nightmare for bags and piles of work in progress (WIP)!  I know a lot of knitters who are exactly the same – there must be something in our psyche that is always looking out for new projects, yarns, colours and we just can’t knit quick enough.  The frustrating thing is that often most of  the hard work has been done when the project gets aside.  At some point in time I’d like to add a section onto here listing all my WIPs – I know a lot of people do this already.  And I think it would be a really good way of making sure the list didn’t grow too long!

With this thought in mind I thought Monday was the day to make a start on the vintage cushion covers I had been planning for well over a year.  I have two pieces of 1950s fabric that I picked up in a sweet little shop in Rye more than 3 years ago.  I had been drawn to the bright, fun pattern.  But they were only small pieces and so wouldn’t ever amount to much so I kept them aside whilst I decided what to make with them.  Then I visited Unravel over a year ago and saw some lovely cushions that were a mix of fabric and knitting and I stashed that idea too.  Over time I kept thinking about what yarn colour, stitch I would like to use and eventually I purchased correct size cushion pads.  Then towards the beginning of yarnathon I actually bought some yarn that I thought would be good.  So that was it – everything ready to get going – and yet still it all sits there in the corner of the spare room just pleading to be put together!

Vintage fabric scraps.

Something clicked on Monday and off I went.  The yarn I was going to use was a super chunky Sirdar yarn and I had a spare ball in another colour that I could use for a test square.  I liked the double moss stitch I had learnt before and thought this could work well and give a nice textured alternative to the flat fabric.  So test square completed I calculated the correct size I would need to knit and started off.

Test square - double moss stitch.

But there always has to be a hitch in my plans.  And, as seems to be becoming a common theme, I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to complete one side for the cushion.  But I got as far as I could with the yarn I had, knowing I could pick up an extra ball at John Lewis on Wednesday night.  At least I had made a strong start!

As much as I could do with the yarn running out.

I think they're going to look good together.


5 thoughts on “Day 69 WIP vintage cushion covers

  1. Love the fabric/knitting combination! And, if it’s any consolation….I, too, have mis-calculated the yarn requirements for my sofa cushions 😦 I need to take on a third job just to fund my knitting exploits!

    • That’s so true! It can be an expensive business this – especially when you start drooling over gorgeous yarns. I also love running and spend heaps on gear for that too. These so-called “cheap” hobbies!!!! But then the satisfaction and joy you get the other end is priceless too!

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