Day 68 Bleurgh!

Sunday (Day 68) was rubbish from a yarn point of view.  I had a long train journey home from the NE so, in theory, plenty of time to make something.  But sometimes your mind (and heart) just isn’t into it.  I thought I’d try the quick freebie crochet flower kit that came with a magazine.  But I couldn’t follow the instructions very easily from my mobile phone on a crowded train and my attempt didn’t seem to really be correct.  Plus I then got to thinking – why am I doing this?  I didn’t even think the finished flower was very nice or original and I had no need or use for it.  So I was wasting my time on something I didn’t want to do for no other reason that just getting a tick on here.  To me, that just kind of seemed wrong.  So I gave it a go and decided against it – this challenge is certainly a learning curve and I am moulding the challenge as I go along.  I guess the main thing is that I’m still here and looking for new ideas.  For what it’s worth see the aborted mission below ….


Bear with me though.  I have continued since and will post more details on here soon.  I want my ideas to be inspiring and personally rewarding and so I’m planning to up the ante a bit.  Will update you on this soon.


8 thoughts on “Day 68 Bleurgh!

    • Ah thanks CP – so it’s not just my rubbish standard of crochet then!! I might take a re-look at it some time when my mum’s up with me as she’s a bit more expert level crochet than me! How bad though having a mistake on a free gift like that?!

  1. Having just read the above comment makes loads of sense to me. I had a go at this for a friend and could not make it work – in fact I thought it was me and gave up. Last week I found a different way of making a rose and actually blogged about it but didn’t want to name the origional in case I was being really stupid. Sometimes we set ourselves challenges and some days we are just not into them. Do not give up – I am sure that you will come through it 🙂

    • That’s so reassuring to hear!! Isn’t is strange that when we can’t follow a pattern properly we all automatically assume it’s us! I wonder how many patterns you get are actually 100% accurate – I am guessing not many. Will take a look at your alternative on your blog as well – thanks so much x

  2. I think this is an extremely brave challenge to even attempt! If you only completed half of what you want to do, you’d still be well ahead of the pack.

    Work is work and scrapped projects count, lol!

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