Day 67 Mobile knitting

You might recall that I said I had Bridesmaid duties this weekend.  This involved a trip up to Darlington for a make-up trial for my friend Leanne and then we were fitting her wedding dress together so I could make the final alterations.  I had worried that this might be a bit of a challenge especially when she informed me that her sewing machine didn’t have a presser foot and there wasn’t a proper table to use so I would have to do it all kneeling down on a side table!!!  I have to say it is the most awkward sewing I have ever done but thankfully it all went smoothly and the dress is now all finished off and packed away ready for the Big Day in four weeks time.  I’m a tad biased but she’s going to look gorgeous!  I will try and post photos on here after the event.

I suppose as I used ivory yarn to alter the hem I could argue that this gave me a tick for a yarnathon task for the day but I felt that was slightly dubious.  And as I am 3 projects down from last weekend I wanted to make sure I carried on with the needles really.  Mother of the bride mentioned that she would like a knitted mobile phone cover and I knew this was something I could complete quickly and easily.  So as we set off to the beauty parlour on Saturday morning I stashed yarn and needles in my bag and whilst she was being preened I sat behind giving invaluable advice and knitting away!  By the time the make-up trial was over I had completed what I thought was the correct size case that would just need stitching up that evening.  But as you can see it ended up being just a couple of rows too short.  Doh!


Just a row or 2 too short - doh!

But as the dress alterations had been quite speedy I still had time that evening to attempt a 2nd version whilst the phone was there to measure against.  So version 2 was completed, stitched and crochet tie added.  Two items all completed in one day so I am counting one (even though it was the wrong size) as a catch up of the 3 missing projects from last weekend.  Only two more extras to sneak in before the end of the year!

Fits more comfortably this time.

Snug as a bug!



6 thoughts on “Day 67 Mobile knitting

  1. I have thought about crocheting or knitting an iPad holder onto a long I-cord to wear … I keep worrying it’ll fall out of a pocket and it always takes me a bit to find it in my bag!

  2. Very nice case! I need to make one for a friend as well. That to-do list again…I love how you get a little something crafty done everyday. I try to do that as well. It’s not always as much as I would like either. But I think of it like my husband thinks about paychecks (he’s a finance guy), “Anything beats a blank!” Lol!

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