Day 65 more mug jacket

And with the base completed on Day 64 it was the more complex part of continuing up the sides of the mug jacket and introducing the smocked cable pattern.  In my hurry to pack all the correct needles and yarns before setting off on Wednesday morning I had only skimmed through the patterns.  And I missed the fact that I needed a circular needle as well as DPNS for this.  Not that I would have had a circular needle in the correct size for this but it did now present a problem!  I decided the only way was to try and carry on the rest of the jacket across the DPNS making sure I worked the pattern correctly for WS and RS.  There wasn’t a lot of other choice apart from abandoning it at this stage.

Starting up the sides.

So far this seems to have worked ok and I have just finished the 1st repeat of the smocking pattern.  I think perhaps that the yarn weight and needle size aren’t exactly perfect and so this is knitting up just a little loose.  Really I need needles a size or 2 smaller.  But I will complete this now as an experiment and then aim to make another version at a later stage with better tension.  At least that will be one more project lined up for a future day’s challenge!

Start of the smocking pattern.


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