Day 64 Start of the 5 day travelling challenge

On Day 64 I was setting off for a work and bridesmaid tour of duty that would mean I was away from home for the next 5 days.  A testing time for the yarnathon!  Given my disappointment at my failure the previous weekend I was determined to be organized this time and print off instructions and select the yarns and needles for a variety of small, mini projects that would see me through.  Sounds promising doesn’t it?  All went according to plan although it did mean I was dashing for my train a little bit on Wednesday morning but then I was on my way with all my instructions and supplies ready to attack the challenge head on!

But which to choose first … on the train ride up to Leicester I flicked through them all and thought about the crochet hearts that looked cute.  But my crochet skills are still learner level and I needed to be able to look up stitch terms for this one so that would be for another day.  Instead I thought the mug jacket a friend had pointed me towards on ravelry would be more promising.

So off I started.  This involved knitting a circular base on a set of double pointed needles (DPNS) – perhaps not the smartest choice for a bumpy train ride and it meant I had to go quite slowly but I did manage to achieve the circular base with a little finishing later that evening.


Circular base completed.

I considered that this was adequate for the day considering that I had knitted for any period of time when I had been sitting down for more than 30 minutes.  I’m trying not to give myself too hard a time on the yarnathon as I want to enjoy the journey and not feel like it is becoming a chore.  As long as I have worked on something for a sustained period each day, then I am accepting that as a good day’s work.  I want to find the right balance between finding things to make that are achievable and won’t end up unfinished but at the same time pushing myself to try new things that I have been wanting to make.  There has to be a compromise somewhere.

If anybody wants to try this pattern as well it’s free on ravelry – look up mug jacket by mk carroll.



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