Day 63 The end is in sight

So after leaving my cable jumper for few days whilst I debated what do about the quickly depleting yarn, I bit the bullet and decided that I could afford to pull the body back by one pattern repeat and it would still be an ok length.  This is another one of the things I love about chunky knitting – it’s so much easier to make corrections and unpick without dropping stitches and messing up your work.

One pattern repeat pulled back.

So once that was raveled back it was time to begin the raglan armhole shaping and join the sleeves into the round.  This was a little bit fiddly and the needle is now rammed with stitches but it’s all together on one circular needle and it’s just the final complicated part of decreasing the raglan around each armhole and adding the neck trim.  I have read through the pattern instruction for this part now about 5 times and am still nervous as it’s quite complex and you have to try and hold about 3 different patterns in your head at the same time as you go.  So I’m saving this final attack for a day when I have time and I’m very alert!  Hopefully it will be one day next week as I’m itching to get to wear the sweater some time soon.

All on one needle now!


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