Day 62 back on track slowly

So having put the glorious failures of the weekend behind me it was time to get back to the yarn … and I really did start with baby steps (in more ways than one).

I was still in recovery from the hectic weekend and couldn’t start on anything until I had finished work in the evening.  I had found a pattern for something that I thought would be a whizz and go with the baby slippers I made over Easter.  But as per usual I hadn’t left myself enough hours in the day and so I did end the day uncompleted.


Hmmm - feeble effort - can you get knitting hangovers??

But hey, this was progress after the weekend.  And I got out of bed bright and early on Day 70 to finish it off.  So only a mini-cheat really and at least I’m back on the Wagon!  And it looks good with the slippers.


Baby stalk hat


The full set

And as I think you’ll agree it does look kind of cute on the gorgeous baby Aisling!


What a cutie!


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