Failure and what to do now?

So this weekend has been a disaster from a challenge point of view.  I always knew it was going to be hard; I am a bridesmaid for a lovely pal who is getting married in May and this weekend was the hen party in London which involved two nights in a hotel.  So I knew preparation would be the key and I couldn’t carry much with me – as I was already carrying hen props and alcohol.  So I had a free crochet flower kit from a magazine I thought would be perfect and was planning to try and take stuff for another new stitch swatch.  i thought I could just about manage it – until I got to the train station and realised that I had forgotten to pack any of those things.  So no needles, no yarn, no ideas and no real time to adapt anything.  I am sure that this is where the challenge should come into it’s own and really force you into being creative and think of something more unusual.  Unfortunately all it meant was that I gave up for the weekend!  Sorry folks.  I’m so annoyed with myself and did consider finding a shop in London and buying needles, hooks or yarn but money was already tight and I thought that would be wasteful.  Never mind, I thought, I can make something when I get home on Sunday evening and so it will only be 2 days missed.  But that was before the train engineering works that trebled my journey home – and finally to cap it off when I got back at 9pm there was a power cut in the street so no power in the house, not even anything to make a really longed-for cup of tea.  So I went straight to bed instead by candlelight and wrote off the entire weekend!!

So I am very disappointed but need to move on.  As recompense I will squeeze in 3 extra projects somewhere along the way and try to learn the moral of this tale and plan ahead much better.

On a more positive note it was a semi-creative weekend as on Saturday afternoon we were making vintage tea cup candles which was lots of fun.  Now if only it had been a crochet course!  But at least the candle came in handy when I made it home!!!

My finished vanilla, black pepper, lemon & grapefruit candle!

So moving on … now I have a dilemma on my cable sweater!  I am so close to completing it.  I just need to start decreasing the raglan seams and join the sleeves in before completing the neck.  The only problem is that the yarn is also very close to disappearing.  Have a look at the photo below – there really isn’t much left and I’m fairly certain it won’t be enough to complete it.  So what should I do?  I’m thinking the best solution would be to pull it back by one repeat and have a slightly shorter body than it’s meant to be.  Otherwise I would have to try and order 1 or 2 more skeins on-line which obviously now won’t even be from the same dye lot.  It’s so annoying but what does everybody think?  Any other suggestions maybe?Let me know what you think!

So close but running out of yarn rapidly!


And so here I am again, gone 9pm and nothing started or completed for today so have to dash now to try and quickly cobble something together then tomorrow I promise I am going to formulate a yarning schedule for the week and try and make some progress!  Otherwise I’m letting everybody down.

On a more positive note though I have been nominated for a blog award by The Modern Home Economist.  It’s very bad timing as after this weekend I feel very unworthy!  But do check out her site as she has lots of lovely knitting and quilting stuff and it’s great for inspiration and some yummy recipes too! I will put up some more about the award tomorrow but it’s nice to have received it anyway  and makes me feel a tad more positive about carrying on with the challenge.

I’ll be back tomorrow!



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