Day 57 & 58 knitting on the train

Knitting on the train – again!  Now I had my 4 new balls of yarn all ravelled up I could crack on with my sweater on the journey up to Leicester yesterday and will be continuing on the way home tonight!  really want to get this finished in the next week or so, so I can start wearing it.

I love to hog a whole table to myself!


3 thoughts on “Day 57 & 58 knitting on the train

  1. Ohmygoshwhatagreatidea!!!! I love this blog! I was directed here by the lovely and talented Modern Home Economist and I’m so happy I came! I knit on ‘The City of New Orleans’, the famous train that runs between New Orleans and Chicago. On day 2 I lost a bag containing a 3/4 finished pair of silk socks. I had the entire train looking for my knitting. Best part?…we found it!

    • Hey lovely to hear from you and thanks for the nice words! Will take a look at your site after the weekend but am on the train (yet again!!) at the moment. Love your story of wool hide and seek! Nic x

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