Day 56 Back to the coalface & a surprise package

In a bid to improve my blog efficiency I am trying to make this a more regular and speedy habit!!  I’ve only got 2 days to catch up on at the moment … So Day 56 was back to work after the lovely, long 4 day weekend but I eased myself in gently with a day working from home.  Not that it aided my yarn productivity one iota.  But it did mean I was home when the postman arrived and dropped up a lovely, surprise package.  A lovely friend in Canada had been to a yarn closing down sale and thought of me and my little yarnathon and snapped up 2 skeins of gorgeous yarn!!  The photos don’t do it justice but it’s a lovely peagreen marl 50/50 organic cotton/wool.  Scrumptious!!!  What a lovely start to the working week and made me smile all day.  Now I want to do it some justice so need to plan a really beautiful project for this one …

Yummy, scrummy yarn!

The rest of the yarnathon that day was spent preparing for more cable sweater knitting.  I am knitting the jumper with 4 ends of the yarn  and so that involves rolling each of the skeins into balls and I’d just got to the end of the last lot so it was an evening spent ravelling!  Steve said it was the most fun he’d had in ages.

Before ...


After! Good to go again ...


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