Days 51 – 55 Easter Up North

So having made it to day 50 relatively successfully I had a nice long weekend planned up at our house in West Yorkshire which I thought would be perfect for plenty of yarn-ing and planning so that I could carry on for the next 50 days of the Project in a much more productive way.  What I didn’t plan for was bad traffic, a very patchy internet connection and hours lost to alcohol …

Day 51 was the journey up from Leicester which should have taken 2 hours but ended up over 4 1/2. No time for any tea that night even as we were keen to make the local pub quiz so having nothing planned I fell back on the Hexapuffs from previous blogs.  A cheat really but better than nothing and at the moment my beekeepers quilt  is making very slow progress amongst all the other projects.

A few hexipuffs at pub quiz.

Day 52 was better.  We caught the 1st performance of the day of the Pace Egg Play in Weavers Square. And after a successful football match in the afternoon we were back home all evening and I had a bit of time trying to update my blog and then made good progress on the body for my cable sweater.  A good day.

Pace Egg Play

Starting on the body

But Saturday (Day 53) was a yarn disaster.  We set off early for a nice 8 mile walk to the top of Stoodley Pike.  This was something we had always wanted to do all our time living up in Heptonstall and we never managed it.  Five years later we managed it – so it was a big, fat tick.  A great walk rounded off perfectly with a large glass of red wine to mark the end of Lent.  And this led to 3 more pubs ticked on the route home – on top of a 3 mile run before the walk.  Can you see where this is heading??  Asleep on the sofa straight after tea and then up to bed – no knitting, no crochet, no nothing!

Views on our walk

Monument @ Stoodley Pike

Worth the wait!


To try and assuage my guilt on Easter Sunday (Day 54) I completed the argyle square I was half way through to make up for the missed day.  And then I cracked on and finished a simple one – a little pair of knitted slippers for friends who’ve just had their 1st baby.  They need a little steaming and shaping and might take some growing into!

Finished argyle square

Baby slippers - simple but cute!

And so finally Day 55 was going to be a quiet day at home so that I could get well ahead on planning projects for the next couple of weeks – as they look like being a challenge.  But where does the time go on days like that!  I got up early for a long run along the canal in the rain – 11kms and back by 10am – so far, so good.  But then no internet connection for most of the day and a bit of procrastinating seemed to burn the rest of the hours away … so I managed a decent stint on the cable sweater but not a lot more. Grrrr.

Body beginning to take shape.

But all in all it was a lovely weekend with friends and family, 6 points for Burnley, lots of running, a beautiful walk, red wine and beer and a fair amount of knitting too.  So I can’t really be disappointed with that, can I?

Happy Easter to everybody – did you manage to work on all your projects over the holidays?




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