Hitting 50

So that’s it.  The first 50 days of my yarnathon are complete and I thought this might be a good time to look back and reflect on what I’ve learnt so far and what I can do to improve it!

The first thing I’m pleased with it that I made it this far – with just one day when I completely failed the challenge and only a couple more filled with mistakes that had to be corrected.  But it hasn’t been easy.  Not only is it difficult to find the time each and every day to squeeze in some kind of project, but then trying to learn how to update my blog and keep on that too has been almost as hard.  So I know I have a lot of improvements I can make.

So this is what I can say so far …

  •  There is a lot of room for improvement in my techniques and skills – I am almost learning crochet from scratch.  Up until now all I could do was a long line of chains.  So some of my efforts leave a lot to be desired but I guess this is one of the points of the challenge.  It’s forcing me into trying new things and increasing my knowledge and skills.  I’d like to look back at the end of the 366th day and feel that my making skills were far more professional.
  • Blogging takes dedication – I want to enjoy it and not feel like it is a chore but sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of it all when you have busy days or when working away from home.  I definitely need to get in more of a routine and make more use of quick posts via my iphone as well.


So for the next 50 days I am going to make a conscious effort to improve things and then I can take another look at Day 100 and hopefully be pleased with my efforts.  Improvements I intent to make are


  • Plan, plan, plan!  Disorganisation and procrastination make the challenge far harder and less enjoyable.  I need to have a stash of yarn, needles and projects ready and preferably start each days challenge before the sun has set for the day!  I have a nice long Easter weekend now to sit down and think about some achievable tasks and come up with ideas for days when I know I’ll be away from home or only have a limited amount of time.
  • Adapt the challenge.  Initially I thought I needed to create one new, complete project for every day.  But the problem with this is that it makes it so restrictive.  I have many things I want to work on that just simply can’t be done in a day so all that has meant so far is that they’re sitting there and not being undertaken at all as I try to dream up other things that I can get done instead?!  This just seems crazy.  I have so many WiPs (works in progress) and I want to work on these too.  So as long as I spend a decent amount of time on them then I don’t see why I can’t include those too.
  • Work on my blog as well as my yarn-ing.  It needs a lot of improvement and I’m looking forward to all I can learn on this area too.  I’ve already come across so many other interesting and inspiring blogs through doing this and I want mine to be up there with them.  At the moment it’s nowhere near.


I think that should do for now. I just need to focus on the 3 improvements above and carry on enjoying this.  I’ve still got a long way to go …


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