Days 47 & 48 And then there were two!

In a happy glow from completing the first sleeve, I was eager to crack on with the rest of the sweater.  One of my main concerns on the 1st sleeve had been how much the stitches on the cuff had to stretch around the circular needle.  After reading up, it seemed a suggestion was to work across 2 circular needles so I thought I’d give that a try on the 2nd sleeve and compare.  What do you think?  It was a little fiddly but seems to be an improvement.


Sleeve on the left knitted across 2 circ ndls

So I finished the cuff on Day 47 and whipped the rest of the sleeve off on Day 48.  That’s the great thing about chunky gauges – they knit very quickly!!


Both sleeves - just front and back to go!

Onto the body – am hoping that I can spend a bit of time over the long Easter weekend and maybe get the sweater finished!


2 thoughts on “Days 47 & 48 And then there were two!

  1. Love the color! And I love the idea of trying to knit every single day of the year. While I try to knit some every day, I’ve never thought of making it a challenge – great idea.

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