Days 43 & 44 Swatches on the train

My weekly commute up to Leicester often gives me train time to work on some yarn-ing.  This week I had my cable pattern book and a stash of yarns and decided to learn some new stitches.  On the way up I tried a woven twist stitch which was quite straightforward and I was pleased with the result.

Happy with this

Then on the way back the following day, I flipped over the page and took a fancy to a wrap mock cable.  One little mistake about half way up if you can spot it!!  But overall I like this too.  I was using a new recycled cotton yarn I’d got from my new knitting shop find in Hebden Bridge and it was a lovely yarn to work with – very dry with a lovely feel.

Wrap mock cable

Lovely recycled yarn

Can you spot the blip?


5 thoughts on “Days 43 & 44 Swatches on the train

  1. I tried, but I couldn’t find the “blip” – I think it looks great. My favorite is the woven twist stitch. I bet that would look awesome in a sweater. Good Luck with your challenge!

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