Days 36, 37, 38 herringbone cont.

Having mastered the technique for herringbone I wanted to try it in a different yarn to see the difference it would make. So I picked a mohair yarn I had and gave that a go on the 4mm needles. It came up very tight and dense – almost like carpet! And the mohair fluffiness disguised some of the detail of the stitch. This didn’t seem too good but a lesson learnt.

So on Day 37 I decided to see if changing the needle size would help at all and transferred onto 5mm needles. Marginally better but still quite wodgy. I’m not sure how much is the wrong yarn & needle combo but this stitch is quite tough to work and doesn’t fly off the needles! I think this has been a useful experiment that is going nowhere.

So Day 38 was going to move on from this to something different. I hadn’t quite chosen what, but a lunch time trip into Hebden Bridge brought me to a new yarn shop I hadn’t known about before, called Ribbon Circus . It’s a lovely shop with some great choice of yarns and lots of bits and bobs – so I ended up picking up some new yarn, needles and Italian handles that could be used for a bag at some stage too. I had been planning on making a bday pressie for a Burnley fan I know and got some lovely claret and blue cotton that would be perfect. And I knew the substance of the herringbone stitch would work well for this too. So Day 38 became a test square in the correct yarn. A bit repetitive but the stitch looks so much nicer and works well now.


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