Day 35 Herringbone

I’m away from home after tonight until Sunday and so I’ve had to plan ahead for the next few days.  And I’ve even tried to be practical too! Most unlike me.

I have figured that the best thing is going to be to practise or learn some new stitches and experiment with how they change in different gauges and yarns.  As I’m currently also engrossed with my cable sweater I have dug out my cable pattern book and plan to try a few of the more unusual patterns from there over the next few days.  But I also came across today a lovely pattern for a herringbone snood on the purl bee blog and thought the stitch looked lovely.  So did my 1st square in this and am going to try in some other yarns over the next few days – so plenty now to play around with and keep me busy!

Herringbone pattern in Rowan handknit cotton

I’ve knitted this in Rowan handknit cotton on 4.0mm needles (30 sts x 20 rows).  It has come out really quite stiff (maybe a little too much so) but would make a good stitch for something like a cushion cover that needs to be durable.  Will be interesting to see how it will differ in some of my other yarns.



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