Day 33 knitting and unpicking

When I went to Unravel back in Feb I bought some lovely coral yarn for a chunky cable sweater I wanted to knit.  Since then I have spent several evenings unravelling the skeins into balls as I needed to make this with 4 ends of the yarn and my test square ended in a very tangled mess of ends!!  So by the end of last week I had 4 lovely round balls of yarn at the ready.  I thought that was going to be the hard part…..

I am following a pattern by Wenlan Chia from “twinkle’s big city knits”.  It is being knitted in the round on circular needles so won’t have seams and I have used this method once before with relative success.  Now I wasn’t ever expecting to finish this jumper in 1 day but I though if I got the 1st sleeve completed then that could counts as a day’s yarnathon.  And so off I went.  I should have known better!

The 1st tricky part was trying to complete cuffs on circular needles as the circumference of the cuffs are way too small for the length of the needle and I was just hoping that, come steaming, the ribs would shrink back down a lot!!   Now I may not be the world’s most proficient hand knitter but I think I normally do ok – but this pattern is very badly written and takes a lot of interpreting and adding of missing information.  The sleeve is meant to be reverse stocking stitch with a cable running up the side – after the first couple of repeats it was clear this wasn’t happening.  So I unpicked back to the top of the rib cuff and started again … the 2nd attempt still wasn’t working. Lots of scratching of head and eventually I have figured out what I need to do to get this correct so now I need to unpick again and then full steam ahead.

So not a raving success but some progress now and hopefully things will be downhill from here although I’m still nervous about the stretched cuff …

Potential tangle-dom!
Lots of unpickings ....

Lots of unpickings ...

Circular knitting

Circular knitting





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