Day 18 Failure!

Ok – so yesterday I didn’t complete anything.  Heck, I didn’t start anything even.  A big, fat failure!  I contemplated not mentioning it and just skimming over things but that would only really be cheating myself.  The aim of this project is to get me creating again and unless I live up to the challenge then I’m just letting myself down; nobody else.  So I have decided to draw a line under yesterday – it was a lovely day and I only failed the mission by spending more time than planned with friends and family and that is important too!  So not really a failure in that respect. And it was a lovely day.

However, saying that it’s now dusk on Day 19 and nothing is started yet today either – my epic blog catchup has thrown a spanner in the works with that too.  So more reason to keep on top of the blog – it should force me into some discipline to rise to the challenge and it means that I won’t have to spend 4 hours every fortnight just posting belated ramblings.

So now I am off to make something today and tomorrow I will be back on here with a lovely, timely post with all the info.  Promise!!!


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