Day 4-5 Knitting machine course

Wow what a great weekend!!  I had booked a course for machine knitting “Punchcards Advanced”.  Now I was a tad hesitant about this as , although I did (in theory) know how to use a knitting machine, mine had been gathering dust since I finished my final collection almost 5 years ago.  I had explained this to Amy who was running the course and she was happy to pace things for me but I was still worried before arriving.  But there was no need.  Luckily there were only 4 of us on the course and the other 3 were all machine knitting true beginners.  So I started off with them refreshing myself (and learning from scratch sometimes!) on some of the more simple elements.  But then I carried onto the punchcards and got to have a real play around too.  Amy was a true knitting guru and knew absolutely everything you could possible know about knitting and the machines.  The machines we ure all chunky gauge but that was fine as and easy when moving stitches and casting on etc.  My own machine is a fine gauge and so the needle’s seemed huge but very friendly!!!  So on Saturday I progressed through several basic swatches and the 1st of the punchcards.  See the photos below …

Learning the ropes

Learning the ropesssy swatches before steaming!

Some messy swatches before steaming

On Sunday I did more interesting coloured punchcard work and then attempted to try it all again own machine!!  Until we figured out that I needed a new retainer bar for my machine…doh!!  At least I’ll know what to do now though.

So I finished the course a very happy bunny and feeling much more confident on my machine.  If only I could get my machine fixed – I phoned on Monday to order the spare part and they’re unavailable until April!!!  Looks like progress might have to go on the back burner …

I can still try a lot of the basics again before then!

Oh and I mustn’t forget to also mention the beautiful B&B – The Steppes – in Lugwardine.  A beautiful 16th century cottage with pristine modern rooms .  Lovely, friendly hosts who serve a fab cooked breakfast with perfect poached eggs!!

Links below are for Amy’s website with details of the courses and the accomodation too.

Both come highly recommended.


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